We are a Christian oriented naturist group dedicated to Christ through faith, witness, service and the continual effort to help our community.  Our group is dedicated to bridging the gap between race, gender, social status, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and help teach tolerance and acceptance regardless of any physical differences.

 We are currently a "non landed" club located in Hillsboro Mo., that holds regular meetings, events, camping trips, beach trips and other activities that bring people together for  family safe recreation as well as holding charity events to raise money for a wide variety of causes, charities and community support reasons. Please see our ministries and charities page for more information. Although our calendar doesn't change often, there are charity events that we do hold that are added to our calendar at last minute, so feel free to check our calendars daily.  We regularly plan group events that are intended to promote greener environments, safer and cleaner public lands and the continual efforts to promote safe natural nude recreation for families.


about us

Although we are a Christian oriented group, our values are based on acceptance of all people and the belief that hatred and violence IS NOT what God has intended for us.  We accept all people regardless of their physical differences, gender identification, gender, body structure, age, race, ethnic and religious background, or other differences that sometimes cause people to be anti-social. 

We believe that all people can get along peacefully in a social structure regardless of any differences as long as peace, love and respect are the primary goal. We believe that naturism IS Gods preferred way of life for all people and that lack of clothing in social structures allows the usual social clich├ęs to be neutralized and that all people are the same if we do not make personal judgments based on the clothes we wear.  We teach that we are an important part of natural order and it is our responsibility to keep our public lands clean and free of human waste. We teach that when in nature, all refuse or evidence of us being there should leave WITH US. OR we are not following Gods intentions for us as guardians of our earth. Research has proven that children and youth raised in naturist family environments are more socially accepting to others, have a lower rate of self loathing  and low self esteem based on body differences and have a lower rate of developing unacceptable sexual deviancies as they mature.

We DO NOT promote or allow any type of public sexuality in our group activities, events or on our property and we do not believe that the comfort of being nude is a sexual act or is a precursor for sexuality. Although we do understand that social media and "selfies" are a big part of our society,  We do not allow photography at any private events or on our property by any person other than group authorized photographers or members who have proven themselves to be able to do selfies and respect others privacy without specific permission from our president.

What we do

 We bring together youth and families  by planning activities and events  that bring together people and families of all ages for social naturist events as well as planning private and public naturist events, non naturist events and educational activities that bring naturist and NON naturist families, youth and adults together to show that all people can coexist peacefully and without hatred.

We are a "go green" collaborative group with the desire to enhance creativity, respect for the environment, and respect for others through fun art and craft projects, basic survival training, respect for nature and our environment, and the teach the belief that all humans and all creatures as well as all other life on earth are a part of Gods creation and practice love and acceptance while prioritizing Christian family values and ethics.  We are NON Denominational and are open to people of ALL religious backgrounds and respect ALL teachings and opinions except for those that encourage hatred or violence.

  We are also strong believers in the education of our youth and we provide community service hours for high school youth to help them meet their graduation requirements, we also are glad to help families find educational resources.

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Values and beliefs